About Clustree


Our History

After four years in consulting, Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, founder and CEO of Clustree,was looking to change job. She analyzed 500 similar resumes within the company to identify her career options. What if human resources could do the same to help employees in building their career paths? Clustree’s first line of code will appear in 2014. Four years later, 30 people and more than 10 million euros of funds raised, Clustree is a pioneer and leader in its field.

Our career makes us grow

If we develop our careers, they develop us just as much. Being an actor in our professional life is not simply filling out a CV, it is aligning our professional life, our aspirations and potential.

Artificial intelligence at the service of HR democratization

Accompanying an employee in his career takes up a lot of time. To do this correctly, each career manager should work with a maximum of 50 employees. Despite their greater willingness, companies cannot support all employees. They generally address only 5% of the population: the best performing talents, top executives, high potentials. What about the others? Clustree wants to make career management accessible to everyone and provide them with a personalized solution. We provide a career coach that employees can access from anywhere at any time, and that uses artificial intelligence. The only way to meet the challenge of creating personalized service on a large scale.

Freeing the job place from biases

Who has never dreamed of changing jobs and never dared because of the stereotypes and
biases that exist on the job market? To enable all employees to build fulfilling careers, we
have created an algorithm blind to biases such as gender, age or school prestige. By taking
into account skills, experience and by detecting hidden potential, Clustree is able to find
tailor-made and rewarding opportunities for each employee.

Giving human resources the means to succeed in their mission

Clustree allows human resources to refocus on supporting employees by using technology to
better understand their skills, promote internal recruitment and thus cover a wider
population… By making mobility and career processes, parties and criteria clearer and more
transparent, Clustree positions HR as career coaches because of their business expertise and
knowledge of the organization.

View talent management as a win-win bet

Talent management within an organization is a balance between the employee and
company aspirations. When it tilts too much to one side, it becomes unbalanced. Clustree
helps align the evolution of the company’s challenges and those of its employees in a way
that maximizes their joint development.

They believe in our vision


September 2014
600K €
Alven Capital Partners
October 2015
Alven Capital Partners
June 2016
Creandum, Idinvest, Alven Capital Partners

Executive Team

Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan,
Founder and CEO
Luc Trimouille
Chief Customer Officer
Martin Boutges
Head of Product
Cyril Le Mat
Head of Data

Key Information

Created in 2014
11M raised in less than 4 years
30 talents 10 dedicated to IT
Users in over 15 countries
Customer events: users club, customer advisory board, VIP dinners
Over 60,000 HR users

Cool Vendors 2016
Top 100 Europe Start-upTop 10 France
Top 100 Europe Start-upTop 5 France
HRTech European start-up of the year 2015
Forbes 30 Under 302018