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Our History

After four years of working in consulting, Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, the founder and CEO of Clustree, began looking for a career change. In order to see what her options were, she decided to take a close look at profiles similar to her own. After analyzing as many as 500 of them, she realized that that wasn’t enough. That analysis, as thorough as it was, did not give her a full overview of all of her options. In order to grasp the full range of possibilities open to her, she realized she also had to identity people with similar skills and study their career paths. An impossible task!

Just how does Human Resources do it? Do they use skills to recruit and develop personnel? 

Clustree’s first line of code was to appear in 2014. Four years later, with 30 employees and more than 10 million € raised in funding, Clustree is a pioneer and a leader in its field.

Making skills a common denominator for all HR use cases and a universal language across various sectors 

With an ever increasing employee skills gap, fundamental shifts in both work models and structures as well as the impact of automation technologies, understanding people’s skills and abilities is increasingly important to anticipate any future needs or changes.   

Yet organizations are missing out on 95% of their skills, as career management has generally never had the manpower necessary to oversee the whole of their employees’ development. They tend to address only 5% of the population, i.e., the best performers, top executives, those with high potential.


On the other hand, career data is complex, incomplete, constantly evolving…

With more than 58 million job titles–80% of them unique–keeping up with the management of skills and reconciling any differences is a challenge for any organization. Skills are often unique to each organization–sometimes with up to as many as 50 synonyms–and are constantly evolving. The nature of skills makes it hard to interpret this data and it is therefore difficult to use. 

Remedying the skills gap through better employee recruitment and development is key to all companies if they want to remain competitive and reach strategic goals. Yet this task would appear to be an impossible one.

Future-proofing organizations by means of universal skills

In order to provide organizations with necessary support in this area, Clustree has been laser-focused on this issue for 5 years and has built a skills-matching engine powered by machine learning that can plug into any existing HR tech solution. Clustree has invested over 5 years in R&D and tested more than 100 AI models across more than 2.5 terabytes of data to make skills the new currency of work. Clustree’s AI engine has consolidated over 1 billion skills into 53,000 verified skills to accurately describe any employee profile from any industry.Through the use of its cutting-edge and bias-free AI, Clustree helps align the trajectory of a given company’s evolution with that of its employees so as to maximize their joint development.


Putting skills at the core of all HR processes means more transparency, more transversal opportunities and less bias for both employees and organizations. 

It helps employees to clarify their roles and accomplishments, while at the same time empowering companies to tackle their short-term and strategic challenges all the while retaining talent. To do so, it makes use of total sourcing, skills mapping and workforce planning. It also makes staffing easier and encourages internal mobility, career development and learning capacities.

They believe in our vision


September 2014
600K €
Alven Capital Partners
October 2015
Alven Capital Partners
June 2016
Creandum, Idinvest, Alven Capital Partners

Executive Team

Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan,
Founder and CEO
Luc Trimouille
Chief Customer Officer
Martin Boutges
Head of Product
Cyril Le Mat
Head of Data

Key Information

Created in 2014
11M raised in less than 4 years
30 talents 10 dedicated to IT
Users in over 15 countries
Customer events: users club, customer advisory board, VIP dinners
Over 400,000 users

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