Increase the value of your HRIS solutions with our integrated application

Clustree integrates with your whole HRIS ecosystem, no matter what tools you are using so as to make sense of your employee data. 

No matter how HRIS is structured and organized across teams, we integrate the whole of your data ecosystem into one unique platform.

 Integration into your existing HRIS ecosystem

  •     Multi-ATS integration
  •     API

 Employee information is gathered, enriched and updated in a single place. Data is no longer lost in an endless collection of software solutions: your employees benefit from a single intuitive & easy-to-use solution.

Our partners

Our solution:


Makes sense of (and continuously maintains) all your career data

  • Jobs: titles, description, skills
  • Profiles: experience, skills, education, annual review

Enriches all of your career data through skills and career path evolution detection.


Delivers recommendations for various use cases

  • Sourcing
  • Internal Mobility
  • Staffing & Talent pooling
  • Skills Mapping & Workforce Planning
  • Career Development & Learning