Senior Backend Developer

ENGINEERING PHILOSOPHYWe expect our software engineers to have a sharp mind, a strong curiosity to always learn new things, and the ability to think like a user. We feel that any excellent talent can be in the position to comment and contribute on absolutely anything, regardless of his or her role within the company. If you love complex issues and you have no fear to work hard to solve those issues with autonomy and ownership, we are made for each other.RESPONSABILITIES

  • Design, develop and manage backend services communicating over HTTP or AMQP, in python.
  • Analyze, enrich and integrate third-party data for visualization and machine learning consumption.
  • Review team members’ designs and help them with implementation planning and trade-offs to ensure good delivery.
  • Interact with product and frontend teams to anticipate backend services evolutions.
  • Build and improve tooling to ease data manipulation and development workflows.


  • Linux
  • Elasticsearch
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python 3
  • RabbitMQ
  • Docker / Kubernetes


  • 10+ years’ experience in a professional software development team.
  • Solid experience with relational and non-relational databases and indexing issues.
  • Good knowledge of python ecosystem.
  • Comfortable with basic networking (HTTP, TCP) and distributed systems.
  • Skilled with third-party data processing and integration.
  • High coding standards.
  • Familiar with unix environments.
  • Native French speaker with good English skills.

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