An employee-centric and skills oriented solution for all your HR use cases

We built a usecase oriented solution

As a pure AI product, Clustree is modular and able to tackle any of your HR challenges.

Total Sourcing
Get a ranked pipeline of internal and external talents.
Internal Mobility
Understand your employees’ skills and aspirations and suggest relevant opportunities.
Staffing & Talent PoolingFind the most adequate profiles with appropriate skills, knowledge, availability and experiences to build a team or staff a project. 

Skills Mapping & Workforce Planning
Identify and prioritize skill gaps both organizationally and individually as well as develop workforce evolution scenarios.

Expert Finding
Allow your employees to connect with each other instantly based on knowledge and expertise.

Career Development & Learning
Improve your workforce’s employability and propose career paths that align with their individual goals as well as company strategy.

Based on 5 powerful core capabilities, Clustree’s AI software...

Generates, maintains and enriches employees’ profile

  • Consolidation of employees’ current skills into unique and verified skills
  • Skill recommendations based on job title, description and existing set of skills
  • Simple entry of skills through key words, résumé or LinkedIn profile import

Conducts complex and multi-criteria searches for talents, jobs and functions

  • Accurate search for a given set of skills or characteristics (localization, wishes etc.)
  • Standardized search to find synonyms of any skill
  • Nearest skills search to find other skills that are close to the skill being searched for

Delivers recommendations to match people with job and learning opportunities

  • Job offer enrichment and normalization
  • Mobility, career paths, internal and external sourcing based on skills, aspirations and company strategy

Maps skills to identify gaps both at an organizational and individual level

  • Mapping of available skills by type
  • Illustration of possible scenarios and project capabilities

Manage your own open, universal and dynamic skills framework

  • Automated construction of a company skills ontology
  • Automated construction of a company jobs and functions model
  • Administration and continuous update of your referential

How are we able to deliver such value? By understanding each and every skill of all your employees!

Discover how.



  • Empowers employees to build their own professional paths
  • Dedicated HR interface to support employees and managers

Regular updating

  • Skills & wishes
  • Training courses
  • Mentoring
  • Internal mobility
  • Career paths
  • Projects

Daily work flow

  • E-mail
  • Slack
  • Chatbots
  • Mobile notifications

We are a 100% SaaS and HR platform

We offer a complete SaaS solution, making it possible to support future scale-ups, pool investments and infrastructures.

Our solution seamlessly integrates into your HRIS environment.