A career coach for a tailor-made and rewarding career path


Clustree accompanies all your employees, at every stage of their career.

With Clustree, career management is carried out all along the way, led by the employee and accompanied by HR, in a unique location from onboarding to job change.


Centered on the employee

  • Career coaches to empower employees, enabling them to build and fulfill their professional paths
  • Dedicated HR interface to support employees in their professions and managers in their recruitment processes.

At each stage of his journey

  • Skills and aspirations
  • Training courses
  • Mentoring
  • Internal mobility
  • Career paths
  • Projects

Integrated into his daily work flow

  • E-mail
  • Slack
  • Chatbots
  • Mobile notifications

Clustree puts safety at the heart of its innovation policy

Learn more about our technology

  • Compliant with the RGPD
  • Systems Security Information Policy
  • Data encryption from your HRIS transfer to storage in our data centers
  • Employee authentication using their company logins
  • Regular safety audits
  • Safety standards audited and validated by the largest French groups

Increase the value of your HRIS solutions with our integrated application

Clustree integrates with all your HRIS tools for a seamless user experience

We integrate all your HRIS, and we know they can vary from team to team. All your data is thus gathered within the same platform. Information about your employees is enriched and updated in a single place and is no longer lost in endless software.


We adapt to your management and configuration rules

Your company’s HR practices are not necessarily the same as those in other groups. We are aware of this, which is why we have created a configurable product, capable of learning management rules set during the configuration stage.


We are 100% a SaaS and HR platform

Our solution is developed and accessible in SaaS mode, making it possible to support future scale-ups, pool investments and infrastructures.

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