Artificial intelligence to build your career


Our expertise: We make relevant recommendations from any type of data, even incomplete data.

We have built our technology with a strong ambition: to deliver value whatever the type and maturity of our customers’ data.

Our algorithms are developed to process and compensate the current state of your data: the data you have, the data you do not have, and even the data that is incomplete or difficult to

You can benefit from the power of artificial intelligence without having to modify your data, your models, or your organization.


We unify, structure and enrich your data

  • Merging multiple sources to extract and unify data from all your HRIS tools into a single employee profile so you no longer need to go back and forth between different systems.
  • Instantly structure your data by translating raw data into universal skill and job archives. No need for any prior repositories to be in place with Clustree, we create it for you, in no time.
  • Automatic hidden skill detection in your offers and profiles, using our NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms and skill prediction based on job titles. With this, no more data richness issues within your systems or employee blank page syndrome when they fill out their profile.

We are able to make relevant recommendations, no matter the quality of your data

  • Multiple recommendation algorithms are implemented simultaneously to enable optimum accuracy, and resist errors or missing data. These algorithms will process different parts of a profile, such as skills, job titles or wishes, and extract as much information as possible from these elements. Particularly, we take into account even the slightest
    distinctions that exist between skills and job titles, based on state-of-the-art deep learning technologies (convolutional neuron networks, siamese neuron networks, etc.).
  • Automatic learning from product usage, which allows recommendations to be refined over time and adapted to your company’s practices and culture.
  • A prior algorithm weighing between skills, experience or training through user feedback matches to understand your most important components and to highlight them in the recommendations.

We provide you with personalized, unbiased and unconscious recommendations.

  • Algorithms blind to unconscious bias such as gender, nationality, school prestige or age.
  • Diversity provided by a 250 million analysis paths from around the world to smooth out biases, break established patterns and draw inspiration from what is being done in other companies and industries.
  • Detailed recommendation interpretations which make choices of algorithms transparent for the user so that he can understand the suggestions, act on them and thus overcome the barriers that he can put on himself as HR, manager or employee.

Our recommendations are even more relevant than you think

See for yourself! In our demos, we use your data to give you a clear idea of the hidden skills and careers you could help build.


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Our technical team

Clustree’s technical team is made up from experienced … developers, data scientists and data engineers whose mission is to continuously improve existing algorithms, develop new ones, and encapsulate this technology in a product with a simple and intuitive interface. To manage these different projects simultaneously, they are divided into different squads
and the scrum method is applied. Squads change with each project to position the most appropriate elements on precise and complex tasks but also to develop internal cohesion and encourage learning between colleagues. Also, our road map is scalable and above all focused on customer needs, client feedback and the sales team.