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Is assessing, understanding and comparing skills still an unsolved challenge for your organization?

We provide the technological assets to help you put skills at the heart of your HR strategy


A universal, normalized, open and dynamic skills framework

A deep learning job understanding engine that answers all of of the following questions

  • Is this a common career transition on the market? In your organization?
  • Is this evolution coherent with respect to seniority?
  • Are skills involved in this position close to each other? Does one develop similar skills in these positions?
  • And much more…

These technological assets are built on:


A strong AI expertise

Clustree’s experienced data scientists spent 4,000 R&D man-days analyzing career data. We implemented state-of-the art NLP techniques resulting in world-class expertise in both AI and HR.


A vast amount of data

A market pioneer, Clustree is the only company with over 2.5 terabytes of career data, upon which relevant and accurate technological assets were built:

  • Public data: extracted 250M career paths, including more than 250,000 skills and 10M job titles.
  • Institutional data: academically curated referential (ESCO, ROME, O*Net) or encyclopedia, used to enrich public data and confirm our algorithms
  • Customer contributed data: added 1.5 M skills from more than 100 industries across 15 countries.

A core statistics-based skills description

 The statistical co-occurrence between skills

  • Does having a skill A significantly affect the probability of having skill B?
  • If an employee has skills A and B, what other skills is he/she most likely to have?

A statistics-based skills description is far more powerful than manual categorizations as it gives a fine-grained and comprehensive understanding of every skill.

A technological framework fueling 7 core features

  • Generates skills-job correlation models
  • Produces multiple skills detection models
  • Develops a proficiency level detection model
  • Builds job transitions graph
  • Enables cutting-edge performance on skills searches
  • Matching engine between jobs and profiles
  • Matching engine for skills, learning and careers

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