Why Clustree

Our clients trust us

See how everyone of our customers is benefiting from Clustree.

Have a deep knowledge of their employees by:

  • putting skills at the center of internal recruitment processes
  • detecting hidden skills, aspirations and expertise
  • building a unique profile for each employee, enriched with AI and multiples data sources

Boost their internal mobility and overcome talent shortage by:

  • having a detailed knowledge of each employee
  • mapping existing and missing skills within their organization
  • speeding up recruitment processes and reducing costs
  • retaining their talents, even the most junior positions (such as interns for example)

Build careers and significantly improve employee experience by:

  •  enabling their employees to be fully involved in their career management
  • offering them visibility on internal opportunities
  • naturally integrating career management into the daily lives of employees
  • strengthening links between human resources and employees

Building diverse bias-free teams by:

  • identifying undetected profiles that are relevant for a position
  • encouraging mobility and transversal career paths
  • offering employees the opportunity to grow differently
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