Clustree Solution

We provide data-driven applications to support your HR issues


Put your inactive data to use. Your data is key to understanding your organization and make better decisions. Clustree delivers the technology you need to collect your data, wherever it is, and to manage it in one place, with one data model, and one unique view. With Clustree Data Management, you can turn data into knowledge and have a strong clean learning base to wisely refine your decisions.


Let the data speak to you. Only humans can make data speak. Understanding your employees and the reality of careers elsewhere is one of the first assets data can offer you. Clustree Data Exploration addresses the full scope of enterprise data comparison and detection needs. Because we have analyzed 250M career paths, you will be able to challenge your practices with best-in-class practices and stay up-to-date.


Bring your talent to the next step. Using data to exercise your intuition is the driver that lifts the veil hanging over hidden potentials. Clustree Talent Management Recommendations brings the evidence-based suggestions you need to grow people development and prepare tomorrow's landscape of skills and talents. You can then use data to promote career transversality and diversity.


You already know the 'one in a million'. Using data to leverage your entire natural talent pool allows to refine and scale down your recruitment process and costs. Clustree Recruitment Recommendations gathers both your internal and external candidate pools to bring the evidence-based candidate recommendations that will build amazing teams. You can then use data to promote sought profile diversity.


Aligning employee and customer experience. The way people evolve and grow today impacts your organization's ability to adapt tomorrow. Clustree Self-Service Recommendations empowers your people to grow within your organization with the experiential solution they need to become proactive in their careers. They can identify, challenge and collaborate on all opportunities they have within your company.

Make better human capital decisions through machine learning

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