How does it work?

We develop a unique and custom built technology based on 4 pillars.


We energize your inactive data

Our unique technology structures and consolidates all your HR internal and external data from several sources (HRIS, Resume, ATS etc.) in real time into one unique, unified and enriched data model.

Our natural language processing algorithms detect new skills for employees and offers and enrich them dynamically thanks to the analysis of millions of career paths.


We leverage 250 million worldwide career paths

We collect, normalize and analyse 250M career paths accross 100 countries as a learning base for our recommendation algorithms.

Every single profile is analysed using more than 100 different characteristics (education, skills, job positions, industries, professionnal experience, aspirations etc.).


We turn career paths into relevant recommendations.

Our recommendation algorithms use internal and external career paths as a learning base and leverage machine learning to deliver relevant and audacious matchings.

Our recommendations address several human capital management issues such as internal mobility, recruitment, or skill management.


We provide evidence-based justifications useful for your decision making.

Every recommendation is justified with qualified and quantified facts accross different dimensions - skills, experience, education etc.- and scope - company, industry, country.

Each interaction you have with recommendations is analysed to make the solution evolve taking into consideration your feedbacks on recommendation relevance.

Make better human capital decisions through machine learning

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