HR Decisions made obvious

Leverage internal & external data for evidence-based HR Decisions

" We analyze 200 million existing career pathways from around the world and across multiple industries in order to provide guidance to career and recruitment departments. "


We make career evolution management simple and easy, helping you retain and engage your key people


We perfect recruitment by taking full advantage of your natural talent pools: employees and external candidates

Compensation & Benefits

We solve compensation discrepancies with a real view of market standards

Succession Planning

We optimize future organizational gaps by identifying the best candidates for upcoming positions

Clustree is like no other

We are exclusively dedicated to HR success:

  • Fits with your HR culture, language, objectives and needs
  • Designed to meet your HR business specificities
  • Adapts itself to your HR processes

Algorithms and data are our core business - it’s what we’re best at:

  • Covering the whole value chain of data, from collection to delivering data-driven suggestions
  • Only using qualified and unified internal and external data

We are not a process solution, but an intelligent solution:

  • Providing suggestions to support your HR decisions
  • Built to justify the results delivered by our algorithms to empower you with data-driven insights

We conceived of and designed our solution as users:

  • Great User experience & attractive design
  • Each person only sees content and features relevant to their role
  • No training necessary

We know that you are all unique:

  • Set up for your needs, practices and HR language
  • Customized algorithms take into consideration your objectives

We know that agility is the key:

  • Scalable to other entities within the company - no limit to the number of users
  • Compatible with any HRIS

Benefits to our clients

Better talent retention
Increase in employee engagement
Decrease in recruitment costs
Boost in career transversality
Powerful and convincing HR divisions
Less time spent on processes
HR focused on value creation
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