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Remedying the skills gap through better employee recruitment, learning and development.

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At Clustree, we make skills the currency of work, so organizations can recruit, develop and evaluate internal and external talent in a more transparent and efficient way.

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Organizations are missing out on 95% of their skills, as career management has generally never had the manpower necessary to oversee the whole of their employees’ development. 

The little career data they do have (skills, skill levels, job descriptions, job titles etc.) is complex, incomplete and constantly evolving, making skills management a crucial but an unresolved issue.

Being able to visualize all available skills is key to connecting people with opportunities and managing the workforce in a way that is more efficient and flexible.


An employee-centric solution that makes skills a common denominator for all HR use cases and a universal language across sectors.


Total Sourcing
Get a ranked pipeline of internal and external talent with automatic screening of all profiles


Internal Mobility
Understand the skills and preferences of your workforce and suggest relevant opportunities through a dynamic talent marketplace


Locating in-house experts
Help your employees to locate knowledge and expertise in-house


Staffing & Talent Pooling
Find the most relevant people (based on skills, knowledge, availability, and experiences) to build a team or a talent pool


Career Development & Learning
Improve your employee’s employability and empower them to map their future with suggestions for new skills, jobs and learning


Skills mapping & Workforce Planning
Identify and prioritize skills gaps at both the organizational and individual levels and develop workforce evolution scenarios.

Leveraging AI to better serve HR

More than 400,000 employees and HR managers among industry leaders have chosen Clustree to overcome the challenges of HR strategic mobility and transformation by putting skills at the core of all HR processes.


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Our Technology

Clustree’s AI-based career platform leverages bias-free algorithms and machine learning to make sense of complex, incomplete and unstructured career data. It detects skills and employee preferences so as to deliver tailor-made recommendations for internal mobility, talent sourcing and strategic workforce planning.
Our technological assets
  • A skills framework that can simplify chaotic skills language
  • An engine capable of interpreting job titles and sorting through non-normalized job language thanks to deep learning
  • An engine that uses machine learning to match jobs and profiles based on 8 models
A strong AI Expertise
  • Get a full professional profile based on skills, appetencies and wishes
  • Have a full visibility on all internal career paths and job opportunities
  • Benefit from support and manage your career along the way
  • Get a grip on your career and build your professional project in collaboration with HR and managers
Our technological assets
A strong AI Expertise
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